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Swayambu Moorthy .. Aadhi Moolavar Sri Subramaniar along with his consorts Valli Deivanai was installed on 01..02..2007, at New no. 45, Old no. 12 Arunachalam Road. Quality complex first floor on the very auspicious day of Thai Poosam, between 7.30 and 9.00 am. Thursday. Pournami thithi, in the auspicious Kumba lagna , Kadaka Raasi by Jothida Gnani Mehro.

Swayambu Moorthy AadiMoolavar SriSubramaniar showers HIS blessings on the devotees as Kaliyuga Varadhan, destroyer of evil, ShatruSamhara Shantha Moorthy with Four Hands having the four vedas in them. The uniqueness of this Kaliyuga Varadhan is HE helps the devotees realise the very purpose of their life in this earth, by removing the obstacles in the life of an individual like, indecision, lack of clarity of thoughts, obstacles in implementing actions etc and inculcating clarity of thoght and action , thereby realising the raja yogas in ones birth chart.

Sri Maha Mehro and Sri Kedareeswara Gowri Amman were installed on tuesday the 28th october 2008 between 10.30 and 10.45 am in the star of Chithrai, on Amavasya day, along with Sithayogam. In Dhanur Lagnam.

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