Here is how Jothida Satguruji Mehro became an Astrologer


In chaste Tamil Jothidam is Chothi + Thidam. = Chothidam. The Supreme Lord gives Dharshan only in the form of Divine Light. All the religions in the world profess this. Religious texts begin with the word light only. Its principle is to know the source of this eternal light absorb that thought and become one with it. Moreover it shows the way for man to become one with that divine light after enjoying all the known physical pleasures of this world, Astrology was created by religion for man to attain this eternal state. All the 12 rasis, 27 stars and 108 quadrants come under astrology. This is a high scientific discovery. In astrologu there are 108 quadrants that is why Rudraksha necklace has 108 beads. In the yoga sastra developed by Maharishi Patanjali there are 108 varieties of Dhyana Techniques. Each individual can follow any of these according to suitability of one’s body, mind and atma. One of these 108 techniques is Jothida Sastra. The fact that the first life evolved from a woman has been accepted by modern science, similarly the fact that all dhyana techniques including breath techniques evolved from the 108 quadrants has been accepted.

Thats why Astrology is called Mother of all fine arts. The 108 dhyana techniques are within these 108 quadrants. Our mind body soul will get fine-tuned in one among this numerous techniques. To know which one , one has to learn all these 108 techniques, which is not possible one life time, it will take many many lives. All these techniques are scientifically proven. This doesn't have any connection with the imaginary god in one’s mind. This is full of godliness not god in some physical form. To learn all these takes many lives and these are of no value for our daily lives. Thats why no one come forward to learn this art. And so is very few no of persons who have attained the state of no rebith.

Jothida SathGuruji Mehro has attained this level after being concentrating on this in the last so many births with single minded devotion to attain mukthi through astrology. Which he is continuing in this birth also attaining everlasting bliss. Mehro's main purpose of life is to make others know themselves through astrology, learn the truth , attain full self-satisfaction in this materialistic world and finally attain Nirvana all through ones self-horoscope. Those with Gnana kann will be benefitted. That is the service of Mehro to this humanity.

In today's scientific world man is declared to be alive only when his body temperature is normal and his physical body is warm. All the lives in this universe has evolved from this Supreme Divine light. And the people who make us realise this is called Enlightened Mystic. It is these mystics who have put forth this science of astrology. It is difficult to become oneness with the Lord by any other spiritual means other than astrology. If it is so then there would have been millions of mystics by now. But in reality it is not so, so this proves that vast majority not understood this science. Through astrology it is possible to attain that level even in a Nano second but no one has tried it, Astrology by and large is used for personal gains only, not spiritual gains.

No one has used astrology for knowing self. It is used only for materialistic gains, because modern practitioners are largely ignorant of this finer aspect of it. Modern astrology has deviated from this holy path. Precious stone in the hands of a fool looses its value, Similar is the plight of astrology today. Reason for this sad plight is because by and large people use it for personal gains, like increasing ones wealth, power etc. All these can be attained through study of one’s birth chart. But this is not the end; No one has written an epilogue for this eternal science, no one can also. This vast science had reached pinnacle in the days of yore, as its practitioners were devoted to the science of astrology and its materialistic aspect. But in this kaliyuga astrologers are after materialistic pursuit only and not spiritual. Only if one attains self-realisation, he can show the way for others. Jothida Sathguruji has realised this through single minded pursuit in many previous lives, he has taken birth in this life to show the path of light to others. The whole of humanity has forgotten from where it originated, which is their house of light, and are searching blindly for it. Mehro has taken birth with the lofty idealism “that what exhilaration he has attained, let the whole World attain “. He will show the way with help of one’s birth horoscope. Once one reach that level.

You have only to know at the door of the supreme lord to enter into him. Hindu religion profess that the Divine Light equals to 1000 suns. The direction in which the brightness of thousand suns is visible is the science of astrology. Christianity says God is light. Islam says it is the light of the moon which is godliness; the moon reflects the light of thousand suns. That’s why one who realises astrology, realises the Supreme.

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