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In Astrological, Astral + logy – is called astrology. Each and every human being having astral body and physical body. Astral body means nine planets influencing human body. This light body only will rule our physical body. For an example, astral body (Light body) is like a driver and physical body is like a Vehicle. If an accident happens, driver only responsible person for the vehicle. Just like that planets are responsible for the astral body.

As per the astrological terms, the rays of three planets will give luxary and comforts for life and remaining six planets rays will give negative force for the horoscope.

To achieve in our life in all aspects we have to improve the effects of rays from those three Positive planets and we have to implement it in our body. Then only we can achieve everything in our life.

How do we know that the rays from those three positive planets are sufficient to our body or not? For that purpose only we have to see the horoscope of the person. And that will help us to know about the past, future and fortune of our life.

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