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Philosophy of Sri Kedhareshwara Gowri Amman


Goddess Uma Devi reached the holy place of ThiruKedaram in order to be one with lord Shiva and be part of him '( to be his left half ) always. There she met GOWTHAMA RISHI and expressed her desire. He then proceeded to give her initiation for achieving the goal and that is KEDARA GOWRI VRATHAM. Goddess Umadevi followed the ritual and attained her goal of occupying the left half of the body of Lord Shiva and also requested the Lord to bless all those who practice this vratham.

How a mother undertake fasting for the sake of her child, Goddess Umadevi has shown this path for mankind to attain moksha. Similarly in this kaliyuga Mehro is like a mother for his devotees and has installed Kedareswaea Gowri Amman, so that his devotees undertake this fast and attain moksha.

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