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Philosophy of Sri Maha Mehro


SriChakra is the graphical representation of the SUPREME BEING Called PARABRAHMAM. And Maha Mehro is the full representation of the Sri Chakram. Hence this is worshiped as The Parabrahmam.

Parabrahmam means Param = Brahmam. Param means all that encompasses the whole of universe. Brahmam means attaining the state whereby we surrender ourselves completely to the supreme forces because it is not possible to win over these supreme forces. So we have to surrender to these forces and attain self-realisation.

Will give you another explanation for everybody to understand this concept easily. MAHA means big which is beyond one's capability. Mehro means mountain. Mehro indicates this earth, sky and that which is beyond the sky. Thats why it is better to surrender to this supreme force. This is like how millions of grains of sand join together to become a beautiful palace, so also man should surrender and become one with the MahaMehro. Thats why to make others realise this great truth Jothida SatGuruji has added Mehro as his title. He has installed MahaMehro on the auspicious time and date and is showing the correct path to his devotees by his predictions.

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