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Philosophy of Lord Karunai Eswaran

Lord Karunai Eswaran

MAHA SHIVARATHRI day on 02,03,2011 wednesday. Mehro says.. Why I named Eswaran as Karunai Eswaran because Lord Budha has said “ If you have compassion you can attain everything”. What is compassion. Love comes and vanishes in no time, whereas if one has both it stays always. In love expectations of something in return from others is hidden, whereas in compassion the principle that nobody has anything to give others lies hidden as enlightment in that individual. In compassion there is nothing to give or nothing to receive. Compassion opens all the doors in ones heart. It starts to distribute to others by nature everything it attains , spreading compassion all around. As lord Budha spake.

Even for a nano second do not retain anything for self. Give it others spread it everywhere including the bliss you experience. Let the doors of your heart remain open always, spreading happiness to the needy like a waterfall. Great Compassion is final liberation thus said Budha.

When you look at anything in full concentration, it creates an echo within yourself, and become it. Similarly if you meditate on Karuneeswaran your heart overflows with compassion. At that momemt you realise the truth of evolution. And also understand self. And he will perform the ANANDA NADANAM. ie dance with full ecstasy . OM NAMA SHIVAYA….

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