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Do you want to change the ill effects in your birth chart to beneficial effects ?
With this supreme thought only JOTHIDA SATHGURUJI MEHRO has created unique product, for the first time in the world based on principles of astrology LUCKY GOD PENDANT in which lucky stones impregnated with herbs , and set in silver or gold with image ( vigraha of ) corresponding lucky god according to ones birth chart is given to be worn as per instructions after pooja, thereby an individual can attain ASHTAYSWARYAM.

Wearing only ring based on ones moon house is not sufficient, Only a dollar made with image of lucky god according to ones chart and in the rear FOUR lucky stones impregnated with herbs according to ones chart is only beneficial.

Explanation for this with evidence.. is found in page 12 of Sri Kalyana Varma's treatise SARAVALI.. Every human should worship the Lord according to ones birth lagna ( ascendant ) in the colour of that rasi and god of the lord of the rasi. If this is done everyone will win over their enemies , the way Lord Indra won over the Asuras. It will also protect the individual against diseases litigation and other unwanted ill effects and help him attain and enjoy all type of wealth and happiness like Lord Indra , thus is illustrated in the book. Based on this treatise only Mehro has created 12 different types of Lucky God Pendant for 12 rasis ( houses ). in which 4 types of lucky stones according to each rasi and set in the rear of Lucky God as per each of the 12 rasis along with nine types of astro products. And this is called POORVA PUNIYA ATHISHTA DEIVA DOLLAR. ( lucky god pendant )

The Nine principles of it are…

  • Lord of the concerned RASI.
  • Four lucky stones for that rasi.
  • Herbs for these 4 lucky stones.
  • Will be advised to nwear it on the most auspicious day of the year.
  • Will be given after performing 27 different types of homams.
  • Will be advised to chant the mantras for each of the four precious stones 108 times a day for 48 days.
  • These precious stones set in the lucky colours of the respective rasis.
  • To be worn for the first time in BRAHMA muhurtham.
  • On the 48th day, visit the temple of the god worn on the pendant , perform archana to increase the power of the pendant. Based on these principles with the help of sthapathis , who specialise in sculpting vigrahas according to silpa sastras, these are made, and distributed through his Sahagho Rajneesh Gems and Jewels organisation for the benefit of humanity for the to lead a life full of peace and prosperity.

This is still followed in ancient temples of this great country. For example I will illustrate two famous temples. First one is Tirumalai Tirupathi Venkatachalapathi temple and Second is Pazhani Murugan temple.

1. Tirumalai Tirupathi Venkatesa Perumal Temple

There are innumerable temples for Perumal around the world, but the number of devotees visiting tirumalai is seen nowhere else, Why is it so? What is the secret behind it. Read through for enlightenment. On either of the two breasts of Perumal is sculptered SRIDEVI and BHOODEVI, and embedded with herbal mixed precious stones. This attracts the devotees like a bee to honey.

2. Pazhani Murugan Temple

Similar is the case with Lord Muruga. Inspite of countless temples across the globe for HIM, Pazhani attracts largest number of devotees. It is because .. It was Maharishi Bhogar who is believed to have lived for 900 years and is also believed to have travelled to far east to china, who is believed to have sculptured Lord Muruga in NAVA BHASHANAM. And it is this which attracts large number of devotees. It is said to have medicinal properties. Nava means Nine Gems and Bhashanam means medicinal herbs. It is with these two combinations Bhogar sculptured Lord Muruga.

Similarly Mehro has combined the needed Precious Gems nd Herbs in the manufacture of Poorva Punya Athishta Deiva Pendant. Each individual should wear this Pendant selected according to ones ascendant. And not according to ones moon sign. That's because ,lucky periods are calculated from Lagna only. Lagna indicates Prana, Athma etc and moon house indicates this astral body. For a Body to function you require Prana or Athma, Withour these body cannot function, Once Prana leaves the body, it is dead body. Hence it is Prana which is important. Ilakku in tamil later became lagnam. The word Luck is believed to have been derived from this. So it is through this most important word lagnam , we get all kinds of luxuries. Which is attained if one wears POORVA PUNYA ATHISHTA DEIVA PENDANT.

This Mehro has found out through his vast experience of 27 years in this field coupled with his Poorva Janma Vaasanai. ( Gnanam ). This lucky pendant is purified in an elaborate manner. 3 to 4 gems selected according to lagna are set in pendant after mixing it with herbs. For the benefit of humanity after purification in 9 homams and nine abhisekams further purified in panchagavyam.

These procedures are as follows.
1. The Nine kinds of homams are .. Ganapathy homam, Navagraha homam, Lakshmi Kubera homam, Aayushya homam, Maha mruthinjaya homam, Putra praptha homam, Vyapara vasiya homam, Satru samhara Runa Roga homam. Jayathi homam,
2. Nine types of Abhisekams are.. milk , curd, honey, sandal paste, tender coconut water, Holy ash, Panchamrutham, ghee, panneer. Pancha gavyam. Pancha means five gavyam means purifying. Following are mixed together to make panchagavyam.. cow's urine, cow dung, milk, curd honey.. The price quoted in the pamphlet is for pendant in silver. Where ever necessary for specific individuals it will be set in gold at extra cost with price of gold as on date.


Destiny Lucky God Pendant with Herbal Mixed Precious Gem Stones, Preparing according to the Procedures of Ancient Indian Vedic Astrology – Formula

Mesa Lagna

Destiny Lucky God and precious Lucky stones.

Rishaba Lagna

Destiny Lucky God and precious Lucky stones.

Mithuna Lagna

Destiny Lucky God and precious Lucky stones.

Kataka Lagna

Destiny Lucky God and precious Lucky stones.

Simma Lagna

Destiny Lucky God and precious Lucky stones.

Kanni Lagna

Destiny Lucky God and precious Lucky stones.

Thula Lagna

Destiny Lucky God and precious Lucky stones.

Viruchiga Lagna

Destiny Lucky God and precious Lucky stones.

Dhanush Lagna

Destiny Lucky God and precious Lucky stones.

Magara Lagna

Destiny Lucky God and precious Lucky stones.

Kumba Lagna

Destiny Lucky God and precious Lucky stones.

Meena Lagna

Destiny Lucky God and precious Lucky stones.

Simma Lagna(Islams)

Destiny Lucky God and precious Lucky stones for islam.

Kumba Lagna(Christians)

Destiny Lucky God and precious Lucky stones for Christianity

Cost variable according to market rates. 10% discount given to regular clients.

These Lucky God Pendants are purified according to proceedures laid down in sastras and detailed few pages above . Poojas being done by 12 vedic pandicts. Then only it is given to clients with full details how to wear it . These are also detailed few pages before. It should be worn only on the day and date specified by Mehro as per his directions. The cost of these elaborate proceedures is borne by the trust and not collected from clients. For clients of pother religion like Christianity , Islam it will be made according to their gods. Please note that only if there is Poorva Punya atleast to some extent the full benefits of wearing this POORVA PUNYA ATHISHTA DEIVA PENDANT will be enjoyed by the wearer.