Jothida Dhynalayam

Vidhi – Mathi – Gathi


Vidhi - ?

Vidhi is a Tamil word. In English it is known as ‘Fate’. In horoscope it is defined as the ‘ascendant place’. If the ascendant is strong in one person’s horoscope, then he will achieve all ambitions in his life. If it is weak, then we have to do ‘remedy’;(PARIHARAM) That is well known as 21 types of homas. Then only that person will achieve in his life and will get health, wealth and luxuries etc.

Mathi - ?

It represents the moon sign (Rasi) in horoscope of a person. If that moon sign Lord (RASI LORD) is strong then the person will be very intelligent and will have good health, wealth, good name and fame. If that moon sign Lord is weak, then he must adopt numerology, nameology, vaasthu sasthiram and Hebrew pyramid numerology. Then only he will get good health and wealth in all life aspects.

Gathi - ?

Gathi represents the sun sign in horoscope of a person. If the sun sign Lord is powerful, then plenty of ‘Rajayoga’ will enter in his life. This is the ultimate power in one horoscope. If the sunshine lord is weak in one horoscope, that person could not be lucky in his life and also he will become very poor. For that type of horoscope, they have to wear the destiny lucky God dollar (Poorva Punniya Adhirsta Dheiva Dollar) with herbal mixed precious stones. Then only the person will get Rajayogam in his life.

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