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Philosophy of Gnanashanmugar Valli-Devashenapathi

Gnanashanmugar Valli-Devashenapathi

MOOLAVAR GNANA SHANMUGAR with Valli Devasenapathi were installed on the auspicious day of Vaikasi Visakam, The day when Shanmuga made his avathar. It was done on Thursday the 27 May 2010 at auspicious muhurtha. This day is also celebrated as Budha Poornima.

The six faces of GnanaShanmugar indicates, the six chakras in human body. Mooladaram, Swathishtanam, Manipoorakam, Anathagam, Vishithi, Aagnai By yogic prctice one can climb up these Six chakras and attain the Seventh one called Sahasrar where one can attain the bliss as when one experiences when thousand lotuses bloom at once. This installation signifies this principle whereby one can cross the materialistic life indicated by 12 rasis and attain the eternal bliss.

Valli, Devanai signify ITCHA SAKTHI and KRIYA SAKTHI. GnanaShanmugar reminds us of GNANA SAKTHI. To reach GnanaSakthi one has to cross Itcha Sakthi and Kriya Sakthi. That is the significance of these three gods.

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