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What should do and dont's?

  • When you wearing the destiny lucky god dollar first time, then you have to see whether the lucky god must visible in front as well as the lucky stones touching your chest. Also the dollar must be wearied using the coir sent by us along with the dollar only.
  • The Non-Vegetarian foods should be avoided on the first day and 48th day of wearing the dollar.
  • The dollar can be wear by 5 years old children to 80 years old people.
  • The slogans (Manthiras) – ticked (¥) for you – should be enchanted 108 times everyday up to 48 days without fail. In case of failure of even one day, you should enchant continuously for another 48 days.
  • In case of not possible to enchant the slogans ( Manthiras ) – ticked (¥) for you – 108 times in one particular day, you have to enchant at least 9 times.
  • While involving in sexual life, you should remove the dollar. And you should wear the same after taking bath in the morning.
  • You should not go to the Condolence by wearing the dollar. If you go by mistake to a Condolence house, you should clean the dollar with cow dung, Komiyam, Milk, Honey and Curd. Then only have to wear it.
  • Ladies should not wear during the menses time (Period). If the menses happened after wearing, it is not an issue.
  • You should place it in safety place, if a condolence happened in your house after completing the 16th day formalities. You should continuously enchant the manthiras daily 108 times for 48 days.
  • At the day of 48, you should go and pray to the temple of god that is shown in the dollar. And you have to do archana for the god.
  • There is no separate temple to Lord Saraswathi and Lord Bramma. So the people who Wearing that dollar should go to the Lord Shiva’s temple and keep the dollar in front of Shivalingham and do archana for the same.
  • You can live the normal life after wearing this dollar.
  • You can do archanas for the god shown in dollar regularly on the special days like your birthday, your wedding day, Children’s birthdays and all festival days every year. That will give more health and wealth (Rajayogam) in your life.
  • The specialty of this dollar is making small benefits in to better benefits. And also it will reduce the danger into small.