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Navarathna Maalai

Colorful Navratna mala with celestial combination of nine Gems artistically chained in pure silver is a beautiful mala to wear every day. This section consists of all the Nine Gemstones in the form of Mala made in Gold as well as in silver. When worn together they help deliver the benefits of all the nine planetary gemstones simultaneously, offering the benefits of fame, wealth, health, happiness, strength and prosperity.

NAVRATNA - The navratna or nine gems ruled by the nine planets are: Coral, Topaz, Blue sapphire, Pearl, Cat's eye, Gomedh, Crystal, Emerald and Ruby. Featured in various astrological books, the Navratna when arranged in a particular order are found to be beneácial for everyone. These gems intensify the rays of the planets they represent and are considered to be the best method for strengthening the positive inâuences of planets.

Navarathna Maalai

Benefits of Nava­Ratna

  • Beneficial in diseases especially those caused by poision.
  • Wearer will be freed from diseases and get happiness
  • Wearer will never suffer any form of ill fortune.
  • Removes obstacles and dangers.

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