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The meaning of homam & purpose:

Meaning of homam: Homam is a sanskrit word carrying a plenty of meaning but the main cause is humanity has nothing created in this earth & sky. But humanity was very eager to enjoy all the materialistic comforts of life like:

1. To be a good soul - ruling planet is sun.

2. To get good health - ruling planet moon. Is general bylaw for all & ascendant lord planet of a individual horoscope strength than star planet lord.

3. To get great - Braveness in life to achieve what ever a individual want to do in their life – ruling planet: mars and 3rd, 6th, lord planets strength in a individual horoscope

4. To get good education & intelligence & presence of mind to succeed in ones personal life – not a academic qualification, academic qualification is a parrot repeating. Natural education - ruling planet ‘’mercury’’ & 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th, lord planets.

5. To get good wealth & child issues – ruling planet – jupiter. & an individual horoscope 1st, 5th, 9,th, 2nd, 4th, 10th, 11th. Lord strength.

6. To get good - wife or a lover or a friend or a opposite gender love & affection - ruling planet – Venus, & an individual horoscope 7th,2nd, 4th, lord planets strength.

7. To get long life & longevity for a individual in is life & for to do hard work need bones & joint, nerves, strength & a individual hair strength – ruling planet is saturn.

8. To enjoy human life all desires have to fulfil – in a magical way – extrovert personality – ruling planet-, shadow wave planet rahu & researches in scientific inventions also succeeding.

9. To know life secrets & God secrets & nature secrets – ruling planet was kethu a shadow.

Types of Homam

  • 1. Ganapathy homam –

    Installing in one klasam & homa kundam, - purpose – of doing is to get benefit of avoid obstacles.

  • 2. Navagraha homam –

    Kalasam kepting 18-nos-purpose-of doing is to get benefit of nine planets strenght through nine adhi dhevathas.installing in kalasam & in home kundam.

  • 3. Mahamruthyunjaya homam -

    Installing in kalasam & homa kundam-purpose is to get benefit of long longevity.good health.

  • 4. Pilli. soonya, eval, nivarthi homam -

    Installing the powers of planets in kalasam & homa kundam-purpose to get benefit to resue from black magic one self.

  • 5. Chatru,samhara,thirisathi homam-

    Installing the powers of planets in kalasam & homa kundam – purpose to destroys & avoids unnecessary enemities in business & in health & wealth illness.

  • 6. Vyapara vasiya homam –

    Installing the powers of planets in kalasam and in homa kundam – purpose of doing this homam is to get benefit of attraction of world wide consumers to purchase our products.

  • 7. Ayush homam -

    Installing the powers planets in kalasam & homa kundam - purpose of this homam is to benefit long life.

  • 8. Lakshmi kubera homam -

    Installing planets powers in kalasam & in homa kundam - purpose of this homam is to benefit good wealth and all materialistic human life pleasures.

  • 9. Jayathi homam -

    Purpose is purpose is to benefit what are all the above said homams are all we installed in kalasam & in homa kundam now it was to work in a positive manner to the homam ddoing horoscope person whole family members.

So doing nine types of homam an individual can get the above said life’s very important need full above said pleasures.

Life is only here to enjoy all the above said pleasures. If one not enjoying the above said all the nine types of nine planets: pleasures & comforts.

He is stupid fellow: One individual he or her committing sin to his own birth horoscope. That sin will be reflecting for all the previous & in present births.

For an individual: Only one sin is humanity is doing for millions of centuries in their life in unconscious mind.

That is called not here to punish you we existing in your life. I presence, because. You enjoyed more goodness in your life previously. Now bad is needed to you to make you in a balance act otherwise good will kill you now.

Why goodness is existing in your life because you suffered a lot in your whole past life now goodness will exist. In your life to make your live in balance act. Otherwise, a badness will kill you now. Astrology & horoscope & universe was moving in a balance act. Same the whole universe also moving in a balance act like astrology.

If universe & astrology is not moves in a good & bad balance act. Then planets and stars can’t rotate in a proper harmony.it clashes & destroys the whole universe & earth. Then you & me cannot live in this earth. Why the whole humanity also can’t live.

Why badness is coming in your life because you see more goodness in past now you need bad to become a balance. Why suddenly a rich man becoming because he has gone to one extreme richness now it continues, he will kill himself & others also like Adolf Hitler, chengiskan alexander napoleon Bonaparte

Universe is moving in a very deep good & bad harmony. Because life have to survive.No one is smaller & no one is bigger in this earth. All are similar.

Richman having more currency papers poor man having limited currency papers. But nature having countless currency papers. A enlightened mystic. Only capable to enjoy countless inner currencies.

Because solid state things can’t enter in your inner being. All the richest peoples always searching the life ultimate pleasures. In purchasing Kohinoor diamonds, assets, increasing, currency papers day by day, and they are thinking that they are living happily, and losing all the life real pleasures.

They are searching in wrong directions that is outer world, but real-life countless pleasures are hidden in your inner being. Stupid’s only run outside world.to be happy. Intelligent peoples just enter their inner being.to be nappy. Real happiness resides in your inner being. For that you have to be without head.

Kethu the planet indicates head less. Head only making all nonsense in this world like water, fighting ego. unhappy. That’s why rahu indicates head & science.

Science moves with head and makes this earth richer and finally it destroys through atomic bomb war and ends the human life in this earth – all the rich man of the world also doing the same. They ae earning more money through how destroying the nature. The trees for printing currencies.

But kethu a headless planet indicates an enlightened mystics like Kabir, like zarathushtra, like ashtavagra, like meera, like sings of sahajo, dhaya.

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