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Jothida Sathguruji Mehro

An Enlightened Mystic Through His Own Birth Horoscope.

Has Created World’s First Unique Concept Individualized Designs Exclusively For Women's '27' Zodiac Star Sign Based On Ancient Indian Vedic Astrology.
SOURCE: An Ancient Authority in Astrology KALYANA VARMA'S Book “SARAAVALI” In Tamil Page No. 12.

“To Win Over One's Enemies, Sorrows And Bad Things In Life, One Should Worship The God Of The Lord Of Lagna In The Colour Of The Rasi, Just Like The Deva's Who Defeated The Asuras After Performing This Worship” It Is A Patented Product Of India.

It Will Give Good Health And Wealth For The Whole Family Of The Women, Who Is Wearing “YOURS STAR SIGN SILK SAREES”.

Anusham - Code No: 2717

Anusham nakshathiram consists of seven stars and appears like an ‘Umbrella’ in the sky. The Adhideva of this natchathiram is Mithran, simply known as the other image of Suriya baghavan (sun). His flower is lotus.

Body Is in light blue colour with mango designs in Jari.

Border Is in green colour with designs in Jari.

Pallu Also in green colour with an image of the Adhideva ‘Mithran’. And the symbol of the Anusham nakshathiram ‘Umbrella’ is also in peedam at the right and left sides of the bottom portion

The colours and images preferred in this silk saree are specially to give more health, wealth and prosperity as per the astrological terms.

Nine Elements of Anusham Star

Athi deity of the star : Anusham devas
Countings of stars : Three stars
Shape of the star in the galaxy : Face of horse
Colour of the star : Multi colour
Colour of the zodiac sign : Orange colour
Bird of the star : Bonelli’seagle (Rasali)
Tree of the star : Strychnos Nux-Vomica (Etti)
Animal of the star : Male Horse
Ganam of the star : Thevam

Benefits of wearing

Important days & Functions - benefits of wearing ‘Yours Star Sign Silk Sarees’

  1. Betrothal - If the bridewear this saree on this day, all the members of bridegroom’s family will fall in attraction with bride.
  2. Nalangu - If the bride wear this saree on this day, The couples will get good health and wealth without any disease.
  3. Marriage - If the bride wear this saree on this day, The couples will get peaceful life without any misunderstanding between them.
  4. Shanthimuhurtham (First Night) - If the bride wear this saree on this day, The couple will get full satisfaction in their sexual life. And also they will become a parents of a healthy and brainy children.
  5. Seemandham (Bangle wearing ceremony) - If a women wear this saree on this day, Normal delivery will happen and also the child will get very long life and healthy life forever.
  6. NamingCeromony - If the mother of the child wear this saree on this day, The growth of the child and future will be better by all means.
  7. Birthdays - They will get the eight types of wealth ( AshtaAiswaryam ) in their life.
  8. Homas - All their sins will be destroyed, wealth and prosperity will increase.
  9. Pradhosham days - It will give Lakshmi gadatcham to their family (Goddess Mahalakshmi )
  10. Darkmoon day (Amavasya) - It will help to convince the soul of our Anchesters
  11. Full moon day (Pournami) - If the women wear this saree on this day, They will get brightness and healthy in their body.
  12. Sunday - If the women wear this saree on this day, The strength of theirs soul will improve and they will get ‘MUKTHI’.
  13. Monday - If the women wear this saree on this day, she will be free from unnecessary fear in life.
  14. Tuesday - If the women wear this saree on this day, It will avoid credit, Judicial problems, unwanted fights, diseases etc.,
  15. Wednesday - If the women wear this saree on this day, It will improve their business and give more growth.
  16. Thursday - If the women wear this saree on this day, They will get wider,sharp and deep knowledge in each and everything.
  17. Friday - If the women wear this saree on this day, Goddess Mahalakshmi will live in their house for ever.
  18. Saturday - If the women wear this saree on this day, The sorrows and illness will be destroyed.
  19. All other festival days - If the women wear this saree on these day, All Dhoshams will be cleared and they will get 16 types of wealth in their life.

The above concept / designs are registered under THE DESIGNS ACT 2000. Infringement will attract legal action. Copyright @ Publishers.

Washing Procedure

Directions For Washing Silk Sarees

  • Please do not wash with soap in the beginning.
  • After two or three plain water wash use good soap and clean quickly.
  • Wash ( pallo ) mundi and border separately in the beginning.
  • Do not bundle and wet for a long time.
  • Do not bundle the wet saree along with inferior variety choly etc.
  • Do not beat the saree.
  • Use medium iron the colour will never run if the above instructions are followed.
  • Do not preserve the saree inside the box and polythene bags.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s And Don’ts While Wearing Yours Star Sign Silk Sarees And Benefits Of Wearing It:

  1. When you are wearing yours star sign silk sarees for the first time you have to do archana for your star sign god.
  2. Non vegetarian foods should be avoided whenever you wear yours star signsilk sarees. This sarees can be worn by girls and women from the age of 16 to 96 years.
  3. The slogans indicated for your star sign have to be chanted when you are wearing this saree for the first time. You should not go to the condolences by wearing yours star sign silk sarees.
  4. During menses you should not wear yours star sign silk sarees.
  5. This yours star sign silk sarees have to be kept in a safe and peaceful place.